Daylight Lamps

With over 75 years’ providing quality office supplies and productivity boosting accessories, experience a revolution in workplace wellbeing with our selection of Rexel daylight lamps.

Our innovative day light lamp design brings natural light to your workspace to rejuvenate and energise, no matter the location whether office, home office or home.

With adjustable moods to boost energy levels or relax the mind, and a selection of Day Light Lamps that include additional features such as integrated clock, calendars and temperature gauges; brighten up and reenergise to make the most of your day.

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ActiVita Pod+ Daylight Lamp
(£100.00 ex VAT)
ActiVita Strip Daylight Lamp
(£85.00 ex VAT)
ActiVita Strip+ Daylight Lamp
(£120.00 ex VAT)
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