Departmental Shredders

At Rexel we know that the size of your office has an impact on how you deal with data protection; and with the Departmental paper shredder range we have a shredder to suit every business.

Departmental shredders are ideal for shared mid-sized offices with anywhere between 10-20 users.

Browse models such as the Mercury RDM1150 manual feed, which specialises in fast and secure shredding of up to 11 sheets, reducing paper to 0.8x11mm; designed for those who feel more comfortable hand-feeding documents.

For the larger department consider our 500M micro cut and 500X Auto+ cross cut shredders, which can destroy up to 500 sheets securely by simply closing the lid, allowing you to walk away and focus on your business.

With powerful energy saving features such as a two minute auto shut-off when not in use and high security levels to account for the comings and goings of your workplace, you’re in good hands with Rexel.

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Auto+ 500m Paper Shredder
(£1,499.99 ex VAT)
Auto+ 500x Cross Cut Paper Shredder
(£945.99 ex VAT)
Mercury RDM1170 Micro Cut Shredder
(£844.99 ex VAT)
Mercury RDS2270 Strip Cut Shredder
(£437.99 ex VAT)
Mercury RDSM770 Super Micro Cut Shredder
(£1,237.99 ex VAT)
Mercury RDX1850 Cross Cut Shredder
(£422.99 ex VAT)
Mercury RDX2070 Cross Cut Shredder
(£482.99 ex VAT)
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