Display Books

Making an impression when presenting has never been easier with our selection of display books to enhance and preserve your work.

Available in a choice of sizes, styles and colours ranging from A5 to A3, this filing and showcase solution is the versatile choice for working professionals looking to present.

Display books contain anywhere from 20 to 60 pockets, providing ample space to organise documents, while a customisable front cover makes for easy personalisation.

Browse books such as the slim, ultra-lightweight Ice range, all with copy-safe pockets to prevent work lifting or being smudged on the page.

With soft touch leather to hard-wearing polypropylene finishes, you’re guaranteed to make an impact no matter which display book you choose.

9 results
Display Book 30 Pockets A4
Nyrex™ Slimview A4 Display Book
Optima Display Book 20 Pockets Black
Presentation Display Book
ProStlyle  A4 Display Book 20 Pocket Black/Pomegranate
ProStyle OnView A4 Display Book 40 Pockets Black/Pomegranate
See And Store A4 Display Book
Soft Touch A4 Display Book
Superfine A4 Display Book
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