GBC Binding Covers

With over 50 years’ experience providing quality office supplies and workplace solutions you can rely on our range of binding covers for the workplace.

Our selection of stylish and eye-catching binding covers range from simple yet effective recycled card, to durable, water proof HiGloss covers to enhance and protect.

Promote your work using transparent PP or PVC binding covers, shield and protect documents from prying eyes with opaque title pages, or establish a professional look and feel with Leathergrain.

Available in a range of formats from A5 to A3 size and with a variety of colours to suit, our binding covers are the ideal finish no matter the project or assignment. 

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ColorClear Binding Covers 180 Micron (100 Pack)
HiClear Binding Covers - PVC
HiGloss Binding Covers 250gsm
LeatherGrain & HiClear Combi Pack A4 White (50)
LeatherGrain Binding Covers A4
LinenWeave Binding Covers 250gsm A4 (100 Pack)
PolyClearView Binding Covers
PolyClearView Binding Covers A4 180 Mic Frosted Clear (100)
PolyDesigner Binding Covers A4 350 Mic Clear Globe (50)
PolyDividers Cover And Index Set
PolyOpaque Binding Covers 300 Micron A4
PolyTechno Binding Covers A4 700 Mic A4 Textured White (50)
Regency Binding Covers A4 (100 Pack)
Standard A4 12mm White (100)
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