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While StripBind is most commonly made for high volume office binding, our selection of versatile strip binders ranging from the SureBind to VeloBind systems and the perfect solution, no matter the size of your business.

From our heavy use binders capable of continuous punching and binding of up to 750 sheets, to moderate use models designed for the home office or for smaller ventures, you’re sure to find the right strip binder to suit your needs.

With features such as full width punch handles and the ability to punch both A4 and A5 documents – as well as speeds of 10-12 seconds per binding cycle – our selection of strip binders provide consistently great looking results no matter your project.

With over 50 years’ experience in the office supplies sector, trust GBC and StripBind to deliver unparalleled binding, designed to work as you do.

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Desktop VeloBinder Strip Binder
(£97.22 ex VAT)
SureBind 500 Strip Binder
(£2,087.39 ex VAT)
SureBind System 1 Strip Binder
(£1,861.64 ex VAT)
SureBind System 2 Strip Binder
(£2,480.61 ex VAT)
SureBind System 3Pro Strip Binder
(£4,107.59 ex VAT)
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