Nobo Flipchart Easels & Pads

Browse our wide selection of flipchart easels and pads, the ideal choice for the larger business requiring a mobile presentation solution.

Easels range from stylish magnetic glass boards such as the Diamond Glass Mobile Easel - with three times the erasability of a regular whiteboard and moveable pad hooks for flip pad notation – to versatile dual-use flip pads such as the Piranha, for users to leverage both board and pad simultaneously.

Accompanying flipchart paper comes in a wide range of textures and styles for any presentation plain, lined squared or recycled anywhere from 20 to 100 sheets.

With locking castors, full width pen trays and height adjustable features, you’re sure to find the right flipchart easel or pad whatever your requirements.

17 results
Barracuda Non-Magnetic Flipchart Easel
(£116.71 ex VAT)
Classic Non-Magnetic Flipchart Easel
(£158.21 ex VAT)
Flipchart Pad
From £16.30
(£13.58 ex VAT)
Nautile Flipchart Easel
From £133.70
(£111.42 ex VAT)
Nobo Diamond Glass Mobile Magnetic Easel
(£409.99 ex VAT)
Piranha Mobile Easel Magnetic
(£999.00 ex VAT)
Prestige Magnetic Mobile Flipchart Easel
(£414.99 ex VAT)
Scirocco Non-Magnetic Easel
(£331.99 ex VAT)
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