Nobo Glassboards

With over 40 years’ innovation in the noticeboard and visual communications sector, we are always looking for unique ways to display work.

Our selection of glass boards are the colourful, versatile alternative to the traditional whiteboard.

Available in a variety of both sizes and colours including black, blue, red and white; all our glass boards are tempered for shatter resistance and come with mounting kits for easy installation as well as a selection of marker pens.

Glass boards combine the features of both magnetic board and whiteboard, are three times more easy to clean, and do not suffer from ghosting like traditional boards.

No matter whether you’re using our glass calendar board to organise the working day, or Diamond Magnetic Drywipe surface for presentation and display, use glass to note with confidence, only from Nobo.

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Diamond Magnetic Drywipe Calendar Glass Board
From £167.44
(£139.53 ex VAT)
Diamond Magnetic Drywipe Glass Glass Board
From £156.24
(£130.20 ex VAT)
Nobo Diamond Glass Magnetic Glassboard
From £32.35
(£26.96 ex VAT)
Nobo Diamond Glass Mobile Magnetic Easel
(£409.99 ex VAT)
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