Nobo Magnetic Accessories

Our selection of magnetic accessories are the ideal choice for use with all magnetic whiteboards and noticeboards across the Nobo range.

Browse our accessories including colourful Magnetic Ribbon designed for creative projects, Magnetic pen holders to save space and ensure a marker is always close to hand, and squares to cut and style to suit your project.

Our accessories are designed to work as you do; and with 40 years’ in the display and presentation sector we bring a wealth of experience to all products across the range.  

11 results
Nobo Magnets 20mm Black (10)
Nobo Magnetic Drawing Pins 18mm Assorted (12)
Nobo Magnetic Ribbon 5mm x 2m Red
Nobo Magnetic Ribbon Kit
Magnetic Ribbon Kit
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Nobo Magnetic Self Adhesive Tape 10mmx10m
Nobo Magnetic Squares 150x150mm Assorted Colours (6)
Nobo Magnetic Symbols Kit
Nobo Magnetic Tape 10mmx5m Black
Nobo Magnets
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Nobo Magnets Assorted Colours (6)
Nobo-Self Adhesive Magnetic Squares 150x150mm (6)
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