Nobo T-Card Planning

With over 40 years’ experience providing quality visual aids, noticeboards and planners, we are always looking for ways to make organisation of your day-to-day workload easier.

T-cards are the perfect choice for managing both time and resources and provide a visual overview of events for anywhere from a day up to a year.

Unlike most planning boards, T-cards bring colour to coordination allowing colours to be assigned to projects, teams or tasks.

Attach T-card planning boards to walls with simple mounting kits, or plan on the move with handy portable boards such as the T-card Mini Planner.

With on-wall models consisting of eight or 13 panel columns (each with 24 or 32 slots respectively) to cover allotted time periods, the T-card planning system is the perfect choice for professional business looking to see the big picture.

For hints or tips on how to use your T-Cards effectively, visit our Solution Centre.

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