With our No. 56 staples renowned as one of the most reliable staples since 1956, we know what works when it comes to staplers and staple accessories.

Specialising in durable, high quality accessories for all your day-to-day business requirements, our staples are made to exacting standards - with packs containing anywhere between 1500 to 5000 staples to cut down on additional purchases to save you both time and money.

Browse a selection of staples which come with a jam free guarantee when used in a compatible stapler, or versatile staples such as the No.16 which can be used with many staplers across the Rexel range.

Whether injecting some colour to your project with our Joy Staples, or using set staple cartridges with our range of Stella staplers to save on continual loading, we’re sure to have the right staples for you.

Tip: When selecting, ensure that you are pick the correct size, as most staple jams are caused by users inserting the wrong staple. Our handy staple guide makes swift work allowing you to choose the correct model time after time.

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JOY Staples - No.56
Mercury Heavy Duty Staples (2500)
No. 25 (6/4) Staples (1000)
No. 56 (26/6) Staples (2000)
Odyssey Heavy Duty Staples (2500)
Optima 19 Staples (3600)
Optima 25 Staples (3600)
Optima 56 Staples (3750)
Optima HD70 Staples (2500)
Rexel No. 23 20mm Heavy Duty and Tacker Staples 160 Sheet Capacity (Pack of 1000)
Swingline Tot Cop 1M Staples (1000)
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