Rexel Staplers

Probably the widest range of products in our selection of office supplies are our staplers.

Staplers cover light use models designed for simple office and home use, heavy duty staplers for specific projects and folios, electric staplers for speed and precision, and everything in-between.

Rexel high quality staples are manufactured from steel to precise standards and have been developed for accurate, trouble-free stapling.

62 results
Rexel Matador Half Strip Stapler
Gazelle Half Strip Stapler
JOY Gazelle Half Strip Stapler
Bambi Mini Stapler
Bambi Mini Stapler
No reviews
Buddy Mini Stapler Assorted Colours
Odyssey Heavy Duty Stapler Silver
Optima 40 Low Force Stapler Silver/Black
Centor Half Strip Stapler
High Heel Stapler
High Heel Stapler
No reviews
Meteor Half Strip Stapler
Apollo Heavy Duty Stapler Silver/Black
Aquarius Full Strip Stapler Black
Easy Touch Low Force Full Strip Stapler Black/Grey
Ecodesk Compact® Stapler
Ecodesk Stapler Black
Gemini Half Strip Stapler Black
General Purpose Tacker Silver
Gladiator Heavy Duty Stapler Silver/Black
Heavy Duty Tacker
Heavy Duty Tacker
No reviews
Rexel JOY Stapler
JOY Stapler
No reviews
JOY Staples - No.56
Magiclip Paper Fastening Device
Mercury Heavy Duty Stapler Silver/Black
Mercury Heavy Duty Staples (2500)

62 results

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