Wide Entry Shredders

The Rexel Wide Entry shredders are high performance paper shredder models designed for heavy use in the commercial sector.

Versatile and practical, wide entry shredders can securely destroy both A4 and A3 size documents for data protection in the office, but as the name suggests, also have the ability to shred larger sized documents, such as listing paper greater than A3 format.

This additional capability in the Wide Entry paper shredders makes them the ideal choice for advertising companies and the creative marketing sector.

Ranging from the ultra-secure RLWSFM9 super micro cut paper shredder which reduces paper to fine 0.8x5mm particles to the RLWX39 with the ability to shred CDs and credit cards to prevent technological theft, models varying in to suit your business and come with simple instruction and controls to get shredding straight from the box.

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RLWM26 Wide Entry Shredder
(£6,905.42 ex VAT)
RLWS35 Wide Entry Strip Cut Shredder
(£3,302.97 ex VAT)
RLWS47 Wide Entry Shredder
(£5,704.95 ex VAT)
RLWSFM9 Wide Entry Shredder
(£12,009.89 ex VAT)
RLWX25 Wide Entry Cross Cut Shredder
(£2,799.99 ex VAT)
RLWX39 Wide Entry Cross Cut Shredder
(£6,306.29 ex VAT)
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