Data Protection Tips for the Workplace

The best way to protect documents is to destroy them; and while some aspects of document destruction are beneficial for you and your business, others (such as confidential details about clients, customers and personnel data) are required to be destroyed by law.

With over 75 years dealing with offices, and specialising in some of the most secure shredders and data protection devices in the world today, we understand the need for security in the office. 

Here are our hints and tips to ensure your business doesn’t fall foul of data theft.


1.    Buy a shredder

Shredders are key pieces of office machinery, essential to data protection and if you don’t have one, you could be opening yourself up to any number of workplace threats.

Shredders are split into three categories: cross cut, strip-cut and micro cut: 

Strip cut shredders provide the most basic of protection, while still rendering information into unreadable 7.2mm strips or smaller. We recommend the ProStyle+ strip cut shredder at this entry-level position.

Cross cut shredders provide an added level of security reducing paper to 4x50mm pieces or smaller. These are the popular choice for most mid to large sized businesses.

Micro-cut shredders are highly effective secure shredding machines that provide unparalleled protection of up to P7 (super-fine micro cut) anywhere from 2x15mm pieces and smaller - Ideal for businesses that deal in legal or highly sensitive data.

Choose from our wide selection for all sized offices, or head over to our Shredder Selector for a quick, uncomplicated way of choosing the best shredder for you today.


Top tip:

While we understand that different ventures have different requirements, we usually recommend Auto Feed for business. Auto Feed shredders securely destroy up to 750 sheets of paper with the close of a lid. 

Fast and effective, they also represent a 98% time-saving versus traditional manual shredders. Simply place papers inside, shut the lid and walk away while the shredder does the work. Stack, shut, done.

Features included in the range are four digit pins to prevent tampering with data while you get on with business, as well as the ability to shred CDs and credit cards - all of which can house business information or confidential data.


 2.    Redact important information

ID Guard

While shredding is the most secure way to keep data safe from prying eyes, from time to time there are situations where we want to preserve the document, but hide sensitive areas.

In the past this was done with black marker pens, which were not always effective, often causing paper to stick and users had to draw over words several times to hide information.

Our ID Guard allows for effective document protection for data which may need distributing, while keeping some aspects of the document hidden. You can find a selection of ID Guards to protect documents in our Shredder Accessories section.


3.    Use a screen filter

Screen filters are the obvious choice for business professionals who need protection from potential prying eyes in the workplace or working on the move. We recommend purchasing a filter designed to restrict visibility for effective shielding no matter the office you're working from.


4.    Store documents securely

Make it standard practice to lock filing cabinets that hold sensitive information, then unlock when required. It may be a hassle, but it could be the difference between business success and the road to ruin. 


5.    Lock your tech

In today’s society we rely more and more on technology, and the mobile phone represents the ultimate gift for fraudsters, data thieves or Internet scammers. 

Business users rely on their phone, often linking it to their work accounts, with calendars, emails, contacts, and identification all readily available.

If you are using a mobile phone for business, a lock this may already be mandatory, but if this is not the case we recommend implementing this feature to ensure peace of mind against data theft.


6.    Encourage phishing and malware awareness

Phishing is the practice of fraudsters maliciously seeking information that can be used to impersonate, destroy or damage your business, life or reputation. They usually request personal information or data related to your company and often address emails to look as if they came internally.

Ensure staff are trained to spot such schemes and encourage best practice of not entering data onto unknown web pages or opening emails with ‘.exe’ or ‘.zip’ extensions unless expected, or they know the source.


7.    Regularly change passwords or pins

This is an important tip to combat for combatting data theft and most businesses usually make changing a password a regular occurrence. We recommend changing passwords every month and using a combination of letters and numbers, so that on the off-chance you do fall foul of theft, sensitive information is not compromised.

If people are educated and the opportunity is not there, the potential for data theft can be significantly reduced. Follow these simple tips to stay safe and prevent malfeasance anywhere from the smallest office to biggest business.

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