Do's and Don'ts of Shredding

If you have a problem with a Rexel shredder you have purchased, there may be a number of underlying factors, any of which could result in shredder malfunction.

If it is a persistent technological issue, please do not hesitate to get in contact with your nearest shredder Service Centre

While we are happy to assist with any service issues that might arise while using your Rexel shredder, we believe in pre-empting mishap.

This list of shredding 'do's and don'ts' for use with all shredders across our range should provide some information to avoid calling us in the future and some handy tips to maximise productivity in the office.  


Shredding Do's

Check sheet capacity

  • Before manually feeding paper. Most models indicate if you are shredding too many sheets. 


Ensure shredder bin is emptied and door is closed

  • For safety, shredders do not operate when overloaded or open. 


Rely on the technology

  • Our Auto feed range provide chambers for any printed A4, A5 or A6 paper, so make the most of your product and the features provided.


Check if your shredder needs oiling

  • Shredders like all investments require care and attention. Oil your shredder regularly to keep it in good working order. Remember to check your user manual for instructions as your shredder may have an automatic oiling feature.


Check your shredder running time

  • Your shredder will stop to cool down if used for too long a period beyond its motor capacity.


Use paper bags when possible

  • Environmentally friendly, these can be easily recycled along with your paper shreddings. Find a selection of paper waste bags in our Shredder Accessories section.


Look out for productivity boosting features

  • Numerous features assist in day to day shredding such as Intelligent™ Jam Clearance and Continuous Operation reduce mishap and allow for seamless results with a range of intuitive features.


Take your time and shred sensibly

  • There are numerous way to make the most of your shredder (no matter size or capability!). Consider before shredding and you can maximise performance. Little ideas such as cutting A3 documents down to A4 size before shredding (rather than folding) allows even the most basic shredder to tackle larger paper sizes.


Consider using the Autofeed range

  • Our range of Autofeed shredders can provide a 98 % time saving advantage over traditional manual shredding. Browse our range of Autofeed shredders today to see if your business is missing out!


And finally, always read your shredder instruction manual before operating.



Don’t shred large format staples or paperclips

  • While regular staples, paperclips (and in some cases CD's) are OK; large format accessories can potentially damage your shredder.


Don’t use with loose clothing, hanging jewellery or long hair

  • Tie back or remove any loose or dangling items when shredding to eliminate risk of injury and shredder malfunction.


Don't leave a shredder unattended with a child

  • While easy to use, it is important to remember that shredders can be hazardous pieces of office equipment and may result in injury. Always remember that an adult should be in control at all times.


Don’t use any third party oil

  • Rexel always recommends its own higher grade oil for shredders. Our oil is available in our Shredder Accessories section.


Don’t operate if you suspect damage

  • If anything has happened to the wires, plugs or internal workings do not attempt to use.


Don't overload your outlets

  • Don’t overload electrical outlets beyond capacity when using your shredder as this can result in fire or electrical shock.


Don't alter the attached plug

  • Your shredder plug is designed specifically for your shredder and configured for the appropriate electrical supply. Alterations could result in injury, so we recommend that this is not removed for safety.


Don't use near water

  • As with other electrical products, shredders should not be used near or around water as this could result in injury.


Don't use aerosol dusters or cleaners or sprays

  • Sprays can react badly with shredder mechanisms. When cleaning use a dry cloth to wipe down, or for internal maintenance, shredder oil - as available in our selection of shredder accessories


Don't load an auto feed chamber with unopened junk mail

  • Junk mail may contain unknown contents which could damage your shredder. This also applies to magazines or bound documents. Always check content before shredding.


Follow the above do's and don'ts' to ensure hassle-free shredding whether working from office or home. 

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