Escape/Emergency Signs

First-aid Signs

Emergency telephone for first aid or escape



First Aid Poster

Emergency Shower

Escape Signs


Both International and British Standard Technical committee agreed that Escape Route Location and directional identification should not be left to graphic symbols alone.


Consequently escape route signs should normally consist of three elements, the internationally-recognised graphical symbol for emergency exits, supplementary text (Exit or Fire exit) and a directional arrow.


Emergency exit/escape route

Emergency exit/escape route 2

Emergency exit/escape route 3

Emergency exit/escape route 4

Emergency Fire Exit

Emergency Exit 'This Way' Sign

Emergency Exit 'This Way' Sign 2

Emergency Exit 'This Way' Sign 3

Emergency Exit 'This Way' Sign 4

Emergency Signs

Emergency fire telephone

Fire extinguisher

Fire hose


‘This way’ sign for firefighting equipment

‘This way’ sign for firefighting equipment 2

‘This way’ sign for firefighting equipment 3

‘This way’ sign for firefighting equipment 4

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