GBC - How to Bind

Step-by-step binding guide

While some steps in these instructions can be used as a guideline for other binders, this instructional focuses on the CombBind 210. For other models we recommend referring to manuals before starting.

1. Collate your papers and choose a binding cover 

Include a set of binding covers or any binding accessories as required for your finished product – a selection are available through our menu.

2. Measure document and find a comb to match

We recommend our ProCombs for simple binding, Coloured marks on every spine compliment features integrated in the CombBind 210 binder to make the process easy. However, if using regular combs the results are just as effective.

  • Lift the lid and place your document on the staging area.
  • Use the ProComb colour chart to measure the depth of the paper stack to be bound and reference the size of comb for the job.
  • If you are using regular combs, simply use the reference chart on the underside of the lid to find the right size element.

3.    Insert comb into binding rack

  • Ensure that claws are placed on the outside of the spine
  • Make sure that the element is inserted into the binder with the spine at the top and claws below first, so that the element opens out towards you.

4.    Pull lever to open spines

  • Follow the colour-coded guide to the left of your binder and pull lever as far as the colour you have chosen. 
  • If you have chosen the correct spine as per the chart, it will not over-extend and should allow for paper to slip on perfectly.

5.    Choose paper size

This is done by adjusting the paper sizing guide. A small switch (labelled 3) on the comb binder will adjust your papers to ensure the punches are correctly set for oversized, letters or A4 paper. This may be different for other models.

6.    Punch document

  • Ensure your pages are aligned and place your document in the punch opening 
  • Account for the number of sheets your model can punch at once and load as required
  • Slide the papers to the left to line them up
  • Pull down on the lever to punch a clean set of holes

Tip: Remember that when punching binding covers only two (front and back) can be punched at a time.

7.    Place your punched document onto comb claws

Remember to keep the back cover on the top of the pile, this way when you turn over the document the comb seam will not be at the front of your book.

8.    Repeat steps 6 and 7 if required

If you have a bigger document than can be handled on just a single punch, repeat the punching process with any additional sheets and place them onto claws to build the document as you go.

9.    Push lever to close spines

Once your document has been created and you are happy with the order, push the lever at the side of the machine to close the spines to the appropriate distance for a perfect bind.

For more information on book binding and document collation, head to our Solution Centre. Alternatively, browse our selection of binders for the office, home office or professional print-finishing sector today.

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