GBC - How to Choose the Right Laminator

Read on for an overview of questions, answers and tips to assist when choosing this most versatile of office accessories.

Lamination styles

There are essentially two mainstream styles of lamination:

Pouch laminators 

Pouch laminators are the versatile choice for school, home or business and are the most commonly used models worldwide. Perfect for almost any task from business presentation to home arts and crafts projects, browse our range of Fusion and Inspire pouch laminators. 

Roll laminators

Roll lamination focuses on speed for professional print finishing, creative agencies, or the educational sector, and deal with large volumes and deadlines. If this is the area you are looking for, a range of roll laminators from the AutoUltima Roll Laminator or RollSeal Ultima 35 are available through our website.

No matter which style you choose, the basic three questions apply when choosing the right model


1.    What size document are you laminating?

The first consideration is content. What size laminate do you need? All laminators do not cover every format, and while other aspects are important, content size is crucial.

Our laminators cover a variety from A2 down to A7 giving you choice across the range.

2.    What laminate thickness?

Pouches (also known as laminating pockets) are the most recognised accessories. Measured in microns – the higher the micron the thicker the laminate. 

Ranging from 75 – 250 microns, pouches cover all paper sizes from A2 to A7, and, as a general rule, the more the document is handled the thicker the laminate should be.

Top tip:

When looking at laminate pouches, it can be confusing. They are often depicted as ‘2x’, followed by the micron thickness.
E.g. 2x125 micron - The ‘2x’ is simply to indicate each separate side of the pouch, rather than representing two individual pouches.


For roll laminators, laminating film ranges from 38 to 250 microns and comes with an enhanced glossy finish. Film is simple to load and is available in a variety of lengths.

For more information browse our selection of laminating pouches and film, or choose the size you require with our handy dropdown selection tool, available through our laminating pouch product pages.

3. How many users and how often?

The number of users has a significant impact on choice, and, as we know, those laminating for business have different priorities to the home user.

To address this we have split out laminators into easy sections which help decide which model is best for your environment, factoring in associated impact on productivity.

Heavy use

Premium models designed to focus on high volume for specialised business

Regular use

Mid range models perfect for average to large business

Moderate use

Entry-level laminators, ideal for homes, home offices and start-up business.

Other considerations

  • Ease of use:

While it’s obvious that the pouch laminator is the easier model to use based on its popularity and target market, roll laminators can be simple too.

Our selection of Ezload laminating film designed for use with the Ultima 35 roll laminator comes with colour coding and male to female plugs to allow simple film loading every time…so when considering which is the best laminator for you, don’t automatically assume that pouches are superior!

  • Costing:

As with any other purchase, a laminator is an investment. When choosing, consider how often it will be used, and also factor in laminating accessories which can often be overlooked when taking into account overall cost.

If you have any more queries on laminators, browse our Solution Centre for additional laminating tips, topics and ideas. Or, if you have decided on a model, head to our selection of laminators and accessories today.

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