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Laminators provide versatility no matter where you are working from. Whether white or blue collar, home office business or a start-up professional, the laminator is equally as useful.

For workplace lamination, we suggest considering what model based on:

  • Size of business
  • How regularly it will be used
  • Task in hand


1.    Size of business: which is the best laminator for the job?

We’ve split our selection of laminators into three categories


Heavy Use

Heavy use laminators are perfect for:

  • Companies with a large employee base
  • Business that relies on large volume lamination on a day to day basis
  • Fast lamination requirements where speed is needed simply to hit daily workload or targets


Regular use

Regular use laminators are for:

  • Business users requiring low to medium volumes of lamination on a daily or weekly basis
  • Larger start up business
  • Administrative business 
  • Home office users
  • Small sized start-up ventures


Moderate use

Moderate use laminators focus on:

  • Home/home office users
  • Business users with minimal lamination requirements or a low number of employees

For more information on choosing a laminator for your business visit our How to Choose the Right Laminator article in our Solution Centre today.

2.    Addressing pain points. The main issues with laminators for work

With over 40 years’ experience in the sector, we have had time to address and resolve the key pain points as raised by employees who laminate using regular off-the-shelf models.

We have tailored our range of Fusion laminators to combat these problems, ensuring a quick, consistent lamination every time.

Argument: Speed - slow performance can impact on productivity

Our solution: Decreased time to laminate. We provide up to 50% less time spent laminating when compared with models in a similar price bracket, with some Fusion models laminating an A4 sheet in as little as 15 seconds.


Argument: Expense - Laminators are not energy efficient

Our Solution: Intuitive models which feature auto shut-off when not in use to ensure energy is not being expended unnecessarily.


Argument: Jams and hold ups – pouch jamming leads to delays

Our solution: Models with active jam detection and auto-reverse for misfed pouches.


Argument: No choice in laminate thickness and size

Our solution: Varied laminate thickness, allowing for anywhere between 2x75 to 2x250 microns, as well as multiple paper sizes from ID guard up to A3. Browse our laminators to find the specific model for your task today.


Argument: Limited control over settings, usually only two levels: auto or manual

Our solution: Innovations which allow for more control with professional settings to fine tune temperature, adjustable pouch guides and referencing tools.


3.    Consider the task: think outside the box

Often people don’t realise the potential for lamination until prompted. There may be ulterior reasons to laminate - other than the obvious benefit of enhancing and protecting work. 

Wipe on/wipe off functionality, enhanced durability, extended lifecycle, or the fact that laminates can be cut to literally any size required should all be considered, as they may open up a host of reasons to laminate.

Lamination hidden uses:

Lamination for offices

  • ID badges and membership cards
  • Phone lists
  • Check lists
  • Reference sheets 
  • Inventory lists 
  • Presentation or report covers

Lamination for agencies 

  • Press clippings   
  • Instruction sheets
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Sales and marketing materials 
  • Event posters
  • Banners

Lamination for the commercial sector

  • Signs in retail stores
  • Table top displays 
  • Training materials
  • Photos
  • Maps
  • Menus
  • Training manuals
  • Store hours

Top tip:

For specific all-in-one sign creation and lamination we recommend SignMaker, which encompasses all aspects of signmaking for workplace safety and compliance. Find SignMaker at our sister site 


If you require additional information about laminating, of for a list of additional ways to use your laminator in the office, browse our selection of Laminating Hints and Tips in the Solution Centre, or head over to any of our product pages for an overview of features available to specific models.

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