How to Choose the Right Paper Shredder

1.     First and foremost, size

In most cases larger businesses require larger shredders, but this may not be true for all. Consider:

  • How you use your machine
  • Number of people in your business
  • Shredder capacity

Rexel shredders effectively destroy anywhere from one to 15 sheets with our personal/executive offerings, and up to 750 sheets at once with our Auto Feed range, so be sure to browse our selection carefully before choosing.


2.     Manual or Auto feed?

Manual shredding means feeding sheets in – and while being close to your shredder may be ideal for the home-office, it can be counter-productive for larger business. Our Auto Feed shredders provide the convenience of walk away shredding, allowing you to spend less time by your machine, and increasing productivity by as much as 98%.

3.     Security Level

While the focus of all shredders is document security, some companies have to go above and beyond to comply with strict data protection laws. 

With this in mind, shredder security is paramount. Security is measured by a ‘P scale’, which relates directly to the cut the shredder provides. 

From P-1 (lower security strip cut) to P-7 (super-fine micro cut) we have a range of products to suit. Whatever your choice always consider purpose before purchase, as the majority of household or small business users do not require higher security levels.


At the end of the day, whether selecting a shredder for data protection, to comply with legislation, or simply to destroy unwanted household documents, you can rely on Rexel to provide unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Want more information? Our Shredder Selector takes the hassle out of choosing the perfect shredder for your needs.

A Selection of Rexel Paper Shredders

Rexel Auto+ 500x Cross Cut Paper Shredder Rexel Auto+ 100x Cross Cut Paper Shredder Rexel JOY Paper Shredder

£945.99 (Ex VAT)

£179.99 (Ex VAT)

£49.99 (Ex VAT)

JOY Paper Shredder

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