Nobo - Content Display Tips for Business or Education

With over 45 years in the noticeboard industry, we have a wealth of knowledge of display cases, boards and promotional tools for offices and educational sectors.

We hope to share some of the experience we’ve gained with these handy hints and tips on how to catch attention, make a statement, and ensure that the audience is engaging with your message.


Make sure your content is relevant to audience or area

  • No one wants to read about something completely unrelated to them (unless it is an unregulated communal noticeboard).

Change and update your content regularly 

  • There is nothing worse than seeing the same notice weeks after the deal, promotion or event has passed. Often there is only one chance to make an impact - prevent harming your brand and grow your audience by keeping content fresh.


While different sectors have different goals, all noticeboard users can follow a basic structure for content:

  • - Headline
  • - Body and background
  • - A product or offer (if relevant)
  • - A call to action


  • If possible, use images over words. Words are important, but maximum impact is bought by visuals that accompany them, as they cross all language boundaries.


  • Make sure your layout is clean. Unless the goal is for visual impact such as an art display cluttered visuals suggest a lack of organisation. Post content on a board with at least a 5cm border to deliver your message effectively and promote faith in what you are trying to ask or say.

Distract with colour

  • While black and white can be used most effectively to draw attention, for the most part, colour is the most accepted medium to deliver your message.
  • Colour acts as a distraction, drawing your eye to work. This is needed when trying to hook audience members, but after that initial hook colour needs regulating. Too much and the reader is overwhelmed, too little they are uninterested.
  • Audiences react differently to displayed colours. Try using these colours in your display to elicit specific responses towards your brand or message.


  • Yellow – optimism
  • Orange – approachableness
  • Red – excitement
  • Purple – creativity and progress
  • Blue – trustworthiness
  • Green – peacefulness
  • Grey – calming


As with property, it’s all about location. Choose the right place and your audience will flock to your message.

Place noticeboards in communal spaces

  • Position where people gather to encourage comments or chatter - break rooms or near copying machines for businesses or schools are perfect.
  •  For effective trade show displays position yourself close to seating or lunching areas allow for people to scope the room and see you. Alternatively set up shop at the beginning or end of the show to catch eyes, or stay fresh in mind.


Post the most important information at eye level for target audience. 

  • It may sound simple but is often overlooked. Companies pay thousands to get their message at eye level so grab the eye level spot whenever possible.

Internal or external?

  • Internal displays can be made on almost any surface from corkboard to felt, but even the most sheltered external displays require protection over long periods. Consider how you will protect your display. Does it need to be locked? Weather and audience can make a mess of even the best display.



  • Make sure you position your boards in a well lit area and ensure you use a method of display which enhances your content.

  • We recommend our selection of display cases designed to protect and enhance notes to solve all positional issues.


The way board surfaces are used change with requirement and work done. When considering surface, to use or how to use your board, think through the task and vary the surface for requirement or impact.

Glass boards: professional and stylish, glass boards could be used long term displays. Colours draw the eye and the magnetic surface allows for unconventional posting.

Display cases: usually more appropriate for business or schools, these are ideal to present or showcase and prevent content from being disturbed whilst enhancing content.

Felt boards: professional and eye catching. Felt boards provide multiple ways to post from Velcro to felt. Coloured felt surfaces naturally draw the eye, directing attention to your message. Ideal for trade shows, schools or business. 

Corkboards: can be used for quick notation or adverts with a rapid turnaround. Due to the look, these are generally more effective for arts, crafts, home projects or community note posting.

Follow these simple display tips to help keep displays fresh and engaging no matter the topic, theme or location.

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