Nobo - Maintaining Your Nobo Whiteboard

Different whiteboard surfaces require a different levels of attention, and there are several to choose from designed to suit every need. Fortunately however, no matter which surface you choose looking after your Nobo board is simple.

With over 45 years’ experience in the field we’ve fine-tuned our selection of kits, whiteboard erasers and whiteboard cleaning products designed to keep your board in pristine condition.

 Maintenance breakdown

    There are three key categories when considering whiteboard maintenance:
  • Cleaning

  • Environment

  • Compatibility of accessories



Cleaning for specific surfaces

Every board needs cleaning once in a while, and while it is best practice to get into a habit of erasing board content daily, (we recommend our selection of magnetic whiteboard erasers for cleaning after use) a more rigorous clean is required from time to time. Often this is determined by the quality of the board surface.

Melamine - The economical choice, clean daily and after each use to keep in pristine condition and as a courtesy to other users.

Painted steel - A more durable surface. Clean weekly as required, but daily if possible. Make special exceptions to clean after heavy pen use.

Enamel boards - Clean monthly to return whiteboard to its original factory surface removing all traces of dust, grime and dirt.

Glass Boards - Require little to no maintenance. Clean as a courtesy to other users.

Cleaning Issues

Cleaning Issues


Not to be confused with leftover marker residue - which appears as feint coloured copy on your board - Ghosting is when writing leaves a permanent white stain on the board. This happens over long time periods and most boards suffer.

While Nobo boards are designed to resist ghosting, extended continual use as well as a lack of maintenance can see this effect set in.

Ink residue

This is when a ghostly coloured copy of your work is left behind on the board surface and usually comes from using an inappropriate marker pen or a lack of board cleaning after use.


This issue arises from using inappropriate cleaning products or dirty rags to wipe boards following use.


The solution to all of these issues is to nip them in the bud with a good cleaner. Use our everyday whiteboard cleaner, available in a convenient spray bottle, or if any of these problems have already set in, use our whiteboard renovator to return boards to a pristine condition.

Top Tip:

Always wipe your whiteboard straight from the box and before first use. This first clean prepares the surface for the whiteboard marker, removes any initial dirt and helps establishes a good practice to keep your board in good shape.

Considering environment

Chipping and scratching

The most effective way to combat chipping and scratching is to ensure that your whiteboard has been properly mounted in a sensible location.

While our board surfaces are durable and resilient to day-to-day wear and tear, minimise risk of chips or scratches by mounting your whiteboard sensibly, and in a place where it will not be at risk from regular bumps or blows. 


All of our boards are tested in different temperatures, and so leaving in the sunlight, or over a radiator will not affect surfaces, but when installing, take into account where to mount your board. 

Compatible Accessories

Compatible Accessories
Compatible Accessories


Marker pens

Using the right marker pen can mean the difference between a board with a long life or a costly investment that requires constant maintenance. Ensure you never use a permanent marker on surfaces.

Browse our selection of whiteboard markers to ensure you have the right tool, no matter the task in hand.


Board cleaners

As mentioned, an effective board cleaner can make all the difference versus a dirty rag. Not only do rags, cloths or papers generally look unprofessional, but could also harm your board; or create more work in the long run. Browse our selection of whiteboard erasers to save time in maintenance


Take this into account and your Nobo board will keep its value, providing a quality surface for anything from presentations to quick day-to-day notation for many years to come.

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