Nobo - The Benefits of Mind Mapping

Every person who has presented in front of a whiteboard, stood in front of a class or strategised a business meeting has at some point been met with a room of people who have nothing to say. There are times when ideas just don’t flow.

If you take this at face value your business could be losing out, or you could be letting down your audience (or yourself) as a business professional.

The idea is simple – place an object of study (either a word or image) in the centre of a sheet of paper or whiteboard, and create visual ‘branches’ and ‘sub-branches’ of things associated to the subject.

Whether you contribute with a question, an idea, an adjacency or even something as simple as a colour – you could evoke a reaction that leads to new conversation, innovation and insight. This makes mind mapping a highly effective tool whether working as an individual or as part of a team.

Benefits include:

Benefits include:


  • Structuring wild ideas and adjacencies.
  • Capturing insight from all, no matter age, experience or thought process
  • Stretching imagination
  • Outlining goals
  • Building teams
  • Active engagement
  • Giving a clear visual display of the journey to achievement
  • Idea collation

No matter your task, mind mapping can be applied to literally anything. 

For business - Apply mind mapping to SWOT analysis, PEST, Five Forces or any other form of business strategy to achieve collaborative solutions.

For teachers - Use mind maps to formulate ideas for your next class or encourage children to work together

For students - Create mind maps on your own or with classmates to analyze novels or create a world of knowledge for the next essay or report.

Surfaces for mind-mapping:

Surfaces for mind-mapping:
Surfaces for mind-mapping:


While paper is the usual choice for a mind map, whiteboards offer the choice to easily edit content. Browse a selection of boards suitable in our boards and easels section.

Top tip: Our magnetic whiteboards allow users to make use of magnets allowing for posts be quickly made and moved as required to see the bigger picture.

Moderation boards

Used extensively by training professionals, Moderation boards make use of more visual and creative resources such as paper, pins card on felt boards to create a visual journey. Ideal for brainstorming, browse our selection of moderation boards.


Unlike whiteboard or moderation boards the paper surface of the flipchart offers something physical which can be taken away from a mindmapping session. Flipcharts naturally create an atmosphere of speed and spontaneity in the way they are used, and each sheet can be separated from the pad, laid out and individually referenced to see the bigger picture.


Mind mapping accessories

Mind mapping accessories


Moderation Accessories

Moderation accessories include such tools as coloured and shaped papers and pins for use with moderation boards to create more dynamic and interactive meetings perfect for mind mapping. Browse our selection today.

Marker pens

Ensure you have the right tools for the job. Browse our selection of LiquidInk and Glide drywipe markers in a variety of colours, all perfect for even the most extensive project.

Summing up

The main benefit of the mind map is that it crosses boundaries. No matter your age or experience the concept allows creative thought to flow between parties, and when studies have shown that up to 90 percent of people can take in information visually, mind mapping is a key strategic tool for success which can’t afford to be ignored.

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