Nobo - The Cinema Experience

With the wide choice TV shows, movies and games now all at our fingertips, making the most of the shows we love is easy with our selection of screens designed to change any room to your own personal cinema and back again in a matter of seconds.

Projection screens

While people usually associate projection screens with workplaces and business presentations, Nobo screens are versatile, making them equally as usable in the home environment.

Electric projection screens hide or reveal at the touch of a button, easily storable portable screens can be set up in minutes, and mounted screens are available for installation on wall or ceiling to give ample space to catch every moment in high definition.

Easy to install or set up

Our electric wall projection screens feature whisper quiet operation, are discreet and easy to install, and once set up require little to no maintenance. 

Lounge to cinema in seconds

We’ve removed the hassle, use straight from the box (or following installation with all our electric wall screens). Surfaces reveal in seconds – meaning that you’re ready to watch in less time than it takes to make the popcorn, or grab your lucky shirt.

A selection of sizes to suit

Our projection screens come in a variety of sizes from under a metre, to up to three metres wide. Aspect ratios range from 4:3 to 16:9 for a true widescreen experience, and with perfectly white finishes you’re guaranteed a surface designed for optimum clarity no matter what you are watching.

So browse our selection of projection screens, put your feet up and relax, with a hassle-free home cinema experience from the big screen experts at Nobo.

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