Productivity Tips and Tricks


While most dictionaries define productivity as 'the act of being productive' in some way or another - business professionals know that the word encompasses so much more. There are a myriad of ways boost this most precious commodity from making little lifestyle changes to adopting new ways of thinking. 

We’ve broken down our tips and hints to improve productivity into two sections –suggestions for the office as a whole, and tips for the individual or employee.

For the office

For the office

Bring outside indoors

  • Let there be light

Natural light poor lighting has been led to employee tiredness and an inability to focus.

As regular 9-5 workers often don’t have regular opportunity to make the most of sunlight, we recommend our daylight lamps to stay energised during the working day. Designed to produce light, which most closely mimics the suns natural rays, browse our range of daylight lamps to boost productivity in the office.

  • Bring the green

Another aspect of ‘outside-in’ thinking for office productivity is the introduction of plants and greenery to the workplace. Bringing plants into a lean or bare office-space has proven to increase productivity by up to as much as 15%.


Shred smart with Auto Feed

In trying to find ways to reduce wasted time spent shredding, we developed our range of Auto Feed shredders. Auto Feed allows for secure shredding of anywhere up to 750 papers at once, while you walk away to get on with your business. With  98% less time spent at the shredder than other manual shredding alternatives, Auto Feed is the smart choice for a productivity boost, browse our selection today. 


Encourage breaks

Research suggests that you get more from employees if regular breaks are taken during the working day. Breaks allow the brain to rest and stimulate social interaction, which leads to new idea and thought.


Establish a good filing system

Past statistics from PricewaterhouseCoopers, suggest that lost documents can cost a company $122 on average, while 7.5% of all company documents will never be found again!

The time spent trying to put a hand on documents means less time getting on with the job in hand; so it always helps to have a good paper filing system in place.

If you are looking for a quick filing fix to boost productivity levels we suggest Crystalfile. The most popular filing system in the UK since 1945, Crystalfile suspension files come with tabs to keep all documents in their place allowing you to put your hand on the right one first time every time. 

Daily Huddle 

Many businesses take part in daily morning meetings or huddles to discuss what is happening for all departments across the working day. Not only is this an excellent way of avoiding unnecessary meetings for small concerns which take time away from work, it also allows a chance for workers from across the business to come together and communicate.


Our ‘ranges’ consist of a selection of different stationery such as our colourful JOY, or traditional Agenda ranges. Coordinating office products can help harmonise and compliment your workspace, while specific colours are proven to brighten moods, and in turn, productivity.


For you

Take breaks, move around

Movement encourages blood flow to the brain. A static worker is less likely to perform, and the inactivity that comes with remaining in front of the screen or behind a desk for extended periods can lead to serious health issues, including heart disease.

Whether it’s a walk to the shredder for some mid-morning paper shredding, a trip to the water cooler for a conversation with a colleague, or simply moving round the office; take regular breaks from the routine to help stay productive.


Organise office accessories

A workspace with a place for everything means less time spent searching for the accessory you need. Knowing where your stationery is as and when needed could save you significant hours in the week.

Browse our range of office accessories so that when you’re searching for that calculator, notebook, stapler, folder, file or pair of scissors, you know just where to reach.



There is nothing that seems to collect unnecessary clutter quite as easily as the average office desk.

Disorganised papers can often lead to confusion and loss of important work. Not only does clutter affect our state of mind and ability to find documents, but also may lead to colleagues questioning your work ethics or processes.

We recommend keep a tidy desk with tidies, letter trays and filing accessories, and have a waste bin close at hand to de-clutter on a regular basis.

Personalise your workspace

Dependant on how you work you may want to personalise your working area. Pictures or notes are often handy tools to create a familiar atmosphere which may in turn impact on productivity; or can be used as goals, targets or incentives to perform.

Maintain a healthy work/life balance

Finally, a healthy work/life balance is essential to your performance as well as your health. Work hard and play hard. You’ve earned your position, so make sure you reap the rewards, you’ll be happier and healthier for it. 

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