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Data Protection Tips For the Workplace

Data Protection Tips For the WorkplaceNo matter where you work, most businesses demand an element of security. Whether it’s protecting data from the public domain or for in-office, eyes-only communication, data protection is paramount to maintaining a successful, safe and prosperous business.


Protecting Identity at Home

Protecting Identity at HomeAccording to the statistics from the UK “in the year ending September 2015, a total of 604,601 fraud offences were recorded in England and Wales,”…and these are just the reported cases in a tiny part of the world! 

When presented with such figures or images, it’s easy to get paranoid about ID protection and ways to prevent identity theft. We recommend not panicking, but taking simple precautionary measures to make sure you’ll never be a statistic.



Productivity Tips and Tricks

Productivity Tips and TricksProductivity. Everyone is after it, and maintaining it is vital to business. 

We’ve broken down our tips and hints to improve productivity into two sections –suggestions for the office as a whole, and tips for the individual or employee.


Effective Filing and Document Management

Effective Filing and Document ManagementWith over 75 years' providing Crystalfile – one of the country’s leading filing and organisation tools – we understand the logistics behind, and the importance of filing and document management for business.

Read ahead for our filing tips for effective organisation to keep performance levels and productivity high, no mattter which sector you work in.


The Benefits of Daylight Lamps

The Benefits of Daylight LampsFollowing the invention of bulbs which closely mimicked the light of the sun, people quickly turned to ways that this could be employed in everyday life such as in light fittings, desk lamps, bedside lamps or workspaces...


The Ideal Office: Getting Smart with Productivity

The Ideal Office: Getting Smart with ProductivityIn business, smart productivity is just common sense. When a workplace caters for its employees all number of things work just work, and employees tend to follow suit.

Follow these handy tips designed specifically around your 9-5 requirements to create a more productive working environment.


SignMaker: Safety in the Workplace

SignMaker: Safety in the WorkplaceThe phrase ‘safety in the workplace’ means the same thing no matter which sector you work in. Unfortunately, the significance of these words have a tendency to be overlooked as the stresses and concerns of the average workday take over.

Fortunately there is a sure-fire way to ensure that your business stays compliant and incident free, while keeping costs at a minimum.


Rexel Blog

Rexel BlogFor regular tips on keeping your business prosperous, productive – as well as current trends in workplace security - head over to our informative and user friendly blog today.


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