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How to Choose the Right Paper Shredder

How to Choose the Right ShredderAt Rexel we understand the importance of data security.

With over 75 years’ experience in the field of office supplies and specialising in shredders, shredder accessories and supplies, here are our top tips to consider when choosing the right machine to safeguard your business.


Office and Home: What Should I Shred, What Should I Keep?

Office and Home: What Should I Shred, What Should I Keep?While paper shredders are important tools for ensuring security on a day-to-day basis there’s often confusion as what we should keep and what we should destroy.

Cash machine receipts, bills and used airline tickets are all classic examples of information often overlooked that can provide a wealth of knowledge about your movements, income or activities which can label you as a target.



Everything You Need To Know About Paper Jams

Everything You Need To Know About Paper Jams Shredders represent the fastest and most energy efficient way of securely disposing of your sensitive data. And while our selection of shredders come with a wide range of features which prevent or eliminate paper jams entirely, for many others these amazing machines can be more of a hassle than a time saver.

With this in mind, read ahead for an overview of how to prevent or clear a paper jam; as well as what to do when your shredder has simply stopped shredding.


A Selection of Rexel Paper Shredders

Rexel Auto+ 500x Cross Cut Paper Shredder Rexel Auto+ 100x Cross Cut Paper Shredder Rexel JOY Paper Shredder

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