SignMaker: Safety in the Workplace

It’s important to remember that no matter where you work - and whether your collar is blue or white - workplace safety is stressed for very good reason.

In 2014/15 a devastating 142 workers were killed, while a staggering 611,000* injuries occurred at work in just the UK alone, let alone the rest of the world.

With statistics like this it’s clear that when it comes to workplace health and safety regulation and rules are paramount.

Communication via signage

Communication via signage

When it comes to workplace safety the key concern is communication. Signs represent the most effective form of getting a message across. Language can be misread or lost in translation, but graphic signs for schools, sign boards and safety signs effectively cross over both language and culture boundaries to draw attention with bold, easily-identifiable colours.

Making signs

So ‘How do I create my sign?’ is the next most commonly asked question.

In past years making a sign was a lengthy and costly process. It meant commissioning a signmaking business or a printing press, a hefty invoice, as well as more time wasted waiting on your delivery - fortunately this is not the case today.

With the progression of the internet, sign creation was simplified. One could simply find a health and safety, prohibition or warning sign online, then print. This however was not always reliable. Available signs weren’t necessarily compliant for business use, and as they were commonly just paper, they often required additional lamination and protection, which came at a cost.



We felt that the next natural step was to bring something that combined all aspects of the sign into one easy-to-use package; which is why we designed SignMaker.

SignMaker provides an online sign creation application to browse, customise and preview your desired sign, and then protect it with any one of several covers designed specifically for that sign, and the environment it is to be displayed in.

With SignMaker, you can be sure that effective communication is one aspect of workplace safety which is under your control.

Learn more about SignMaker via our Solution Centre, or register your product today. 

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