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Please refer to our guide below for a listing of signs available to be customised using the Rexel SignMaker and SignMaker application.

Safety signs and signals are required where, despite putting in place all other relevant measures, a significant risk to the health and safety of employees and others remains.

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Emergency / Escape Signs

A sign giving information on emergency exits, first aid, or rescue facilities (e.g. ‘emergency exit/escape routes’

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Mandatory Signs

A sign prescribing specific behaviour

(e.g. ‘eye protection must be worn’)

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Prohibition Signs

A sign prohibiting behaviour likely to increase or cause danger (e.g. ‘no access for unauthorised persons’)

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Warning Signs

A sign giving warning of a hazard or danger

(e.g. ‘danger: electricity’)

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Hand Signals

A collection of hand signals - all available for customisation via the SignMaker online application.

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