The Benefits of Daylight Lamps

The thought behind the lamp

While the original research into light therapy has been well documented, we thought that the next logical step was to bring our selection of daylight lamps to the users that would benefit most - employees, homes, businesses and countries where sunlight is not always a guarantee! 

So what are the benefits to you?

- Environmentally

Unlike most LED lights, our full-spectrum lighting LEDs effectively bring the light of day indoors, allowing us to work in the level of light that we as humans are most acclimatised to, as opposed to synthetic lighting alternatives.

- Feature rich

From a technological perspective, the benefits of our range of daylight lamps outweigh anything available on the market today.

Our lamps include a host of additional features that you could expect to find in any work or home environment, such as clock, temperature gauge, calendar and USB port, making them perfect as bedside or desk lamps to recharge body and mind (as well as all your important day-to-day gadgets!).

Complete lighting control

Many lamps on the market only provide the option of two settings, on or off. Our LED lamps give you total control over the light in the room with settings specifically designed to lighten mood, enhance concentration and increase productivity, dependent on task or location:

-          Daylight – Available on all models to boost energy levels and alertness

-          Warm – Available on the ActiVita Daylight Pod+ and Strip+ models for relaxing or reading

-          Cool - Available on the ActiVita Strip+, to provide maximum brightness in your workspace

With adjustable brightness settings in each mode as well as an adjustable lamp head, you have complete control over brightness and direction at all times.

Thousands of homes and office users are already feeling the benefits of daylight lamps, which, unlike regular led lights or desk lamps help reenergise and invigorate body, mind and soul.

A Selection of our Daylight Lamps

ActiVita Strip Daylight Lamp ActiVita Strip+ Daylight Lamp ActiVita Pod+ Daylight Lamp

£85 (Ex VAT)

£120 (Ex VAT)

£100 (Ex VAT)

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