The Ideal Office: Getting Smart with Productivity

As an Employee

The Ideal Office:

Increasing Productivity

As an Employer

As an employer, the first aspect is to create a hospitable environment. While specific H&S regulations are in place to ensure that employees remain safe in the office, there are other little additions that can be leveraged to maximise productivity and boost employee satisfaction. 


Study: Also known as heating, ventilation and air con; if these levels aren’t configured correctly it can have a significant impact on workplace performance. Studies have suggested that temperatures above 25 degrees can lead to a 2% decrease in employee productivity.

Action: If productivity levels are down, ask employee opinion in order to achieve a balance that all are happy with. You are more likely to have disgruntled workers in offices that vary between either extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Natural light

Study: Natural light in the workplace is easily achieved. Research has found that poor lighting sources can make employees feel tired, and if there is the possibility to bring the light of day inside, why not take advantage of it?

Action: Our selection of daylight lamps are the ideal choice to bring clarity to your workspace. Learn more about The Benefits of Daylight Lamps via our Solution Centre, or browse our lamps today.

 Plants and greenery

Study: A study from the UK suggests that the addition of plants into your office can help to bring the outside in, and can actually increase productivity by as much as 15% versus bare workspaces.

Action: Take advantage of the research and make it a habit to place plants around your office to watch productivity soar. 

Plants also provide tasteful decoration, bringing a natural element to any man-made structure and allow workers to actively engage with their environment.

 Workspace coordination with office supplies

Study: Coordinating workspace tools for employees can help to provide uniformity, bring coordination and a ‘one-ward thinking’ to business. 

Action: Our ‘ranges’ selection include coordinated set piece office accessories which can be used to furnish any business on bulk. 


Study: Different colours have been proven to have an impact on performance, temperament and mood.

Action: Try to pick colours for rooms that elicit specific responses, or colour appropriate accessories that boost productivity and lighten mood. Perhaps assign colours to teams, actions or goals. Our JOY Range can help you with picking the correct colour for your needs


Colours and mood influencers:

  • Blue - Productivity and creativity boosting, designed to elicit a calming effect,
  • Green – vibrant but relaxing,
  • Red – an accented colour, designed to draw attention and said to assist in tasks involving high levels of attention to detail.

If using colour, our filing and desk accessories – everything from staplers to suspension files - are colour-coded both for organisational purposes but also to impact mood and brighten the working day. We recommend the JOY range to bring colour to your workspace.

Whatever action you take to maintain productivity during your workweek, you can rely on us to help keep business running smoothly.

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