HighSpeed A4 Laminating Pouch

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Product Description

Suitable for use with any A3 size Laminator, A4 HighSpeed Laminating Pouches feed in along the long edge for fast accurate loading and up to 30% quicker laminating time. Helpful alignment guides, micron width icons and directional load arrows ensure perfect loading. Perfect for when time is of the essence!

Features and Benefits

  • Lamination is extra fast and easy with HighSpeed Laminating Pouches
  • Alignment guide take the frustration out of centering documents
  • Micron icons identify pouch thickness for proper laminator settings
  • Arrow shows which direction to load pouch into laminator to prevent misfeeds
  • All HighSpeed Pouches feed on the long edge to save time
  • Available in A4 size for use with A3 Laminators only


  • Dimensions - 308x220x19
  • Weight - 1.148 (kg)
  • Colour: Red/Black
  • Document Size: A4
  • Period of Warranty: Unknown
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