VeloBind Binding Strips 45mm (25 Pack)

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Product Description

Binding doesn't get any simpler! Designed for use with the DeskTop VeloBind, VeloBind Binding Strips have 4 pins that form a durable binding for A4 documents. In packs of 25, the 45mm red strips bind up to 200 sheets - ideal for documents that need to be edited or updated as the pins unlock to add or remove pages and re-close.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple re-closable, 4-prong A4 plastic strip.
  • Ideal for desktop or personal use.
  • Capable of binding up to 200 pages.
  • Simple page editing: just unlock the pins, add or remove pages and re-close.
  • Available in a choice of 4 colours - white, black, red or blue – and in packs of 25 or 100 units.
  • Specifications

    • Weight - 0.294 (kg)
    • Dimensions - 75x80x356
    • Colour- Red
    • Document Size: A4
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