Rexel ID Guard

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Product Description

Rexel ID Guard Retractable Ink Roller is a quick, simple and effective way to cover confidential Information in one roll. Ideal for junk mail or anything that has information on it that you want to keep private. Quick and convenient with mess free cap that retracts for storage, the unique pattern has been designed to mask the text, perfect for when you need to throw away documents but cover a large area of private or confidential information

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, effective and convenient way to protect your data
  • Quick and clean application that rolls across text masking your information
  • The roller stamp pattern was specifically designed to mask printed text
  • Identity Protection, Privacy Protection, Data Protection Roller Stamp
  • Mask address details on most packaging types/materials and any documents containing confidential data
  • Environmentally friendly, conceal private text and recycle
  • Retractable cap to avoid any mess and convenient for storage
  • Left and right handed use
  • Replacement refills available
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