Polaris 1420 Electric Stapler & Punch Silver/Black

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Product Description

The Rexel Polaris 1420 is a unique electric stapler with punch combined. Simply push a button to switch effortlessly between the two functions. With an adjustable paper guide for accurate punching, the Polaris 1420 punches up to 14 sheets of paper and with a 9mm throat depth, staples up to 20 sheets using Rexel No. 56 or No. 16 staples.

Features and Benefits

  • Punches 2 holes 1-14 sheets, 8cms apart
  • Capacity: Staples 20 sheet, punches 14 sheets
  • Punching 2 to 14 sheets


  • Product Size -270x132x147
  • Weight -1.2994 ()
  • Colour: Black/Silver
  • Period of Warranty: 2 years
  • Staple Finish: Regular
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